Biden ‘absolutely not’ considering quitting race despite pressure, says White House

President Joe Biden is “absolutely not” considering stepping down, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday, as she responded to questions about the president’s mindset following his poor debate performance last week.

The Biden campaign dismissed the talk of a Democratic contingency plan on Wednesday, pointing to the president’s pledge to stay in the race.

“The President is and will remain our party’s nominee, and Vice President Harris is proud to be his running mate, and looks forward to serving at his side for four more years,” Brian Fallon, a campaign spokesman, told CNN. “Reports suggesting they or the campaign are considering alternative scenarios are patently false.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom reiterated his support for President Joe Biden following a Democratic Governors meeting that he attended at the White House.

“I heard three words from the President — he’s all in. And so am I. Joe Biden’s had our back. Now it’s time to have his,” Newsom said in a statement to CNN.

Newsom is hitting the trail on behalf of the Biden-Harris campaign headlining events in Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire over the Fourth of July holiday and weekend.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said he believes that Joe Biden is fit for office after dozens of Democratic governors participated in a meeting with the president on Wednesday.

“Yes, fit for office,” the governor said in response to a question from a reporter. “None of us are denying Thursday night was a bad performance. It was a bad hit, if you will on that, but it doesn’t impact what I believe: he’s delivering.”

The conversation during the meeting was “honest and open,” he said.

Walz, who is also the chair of the Democratic Governors Association, said that governors are receiving feedback from people in their states.

He said they relayed their concerns and came to the agreement that “we are all looking for the path to win. All the governors agree with that. President Biden agrees with that.” Walz reiterated that winning in November is the top priority.

“What we saw in there today was a guy who was the guy that all of us believed in the first time who could beat Donald Trump and did beat Donald Trump,” he said.

Questions are swirling Wednesday about the viability of President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign after his disastrous CNN debate performance last week.

Biden has privately acknowledged that the next stretch of days are critical to whether he can save the campaign, making clear to an ally Tuesday that he understands what would prompt him to accept: “It’s just not working.”

The president joined a call with all his campaign staffers today while the White House press secretary emphasized that Biden will remain in the race and Democratic lawmakers also held a call to discuss the fallout.

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