I’m always seeking new opportunities, says CEO of The Shawn Exchange

Ajayi Oluwadamilare Michael taking The Shawn Exchange to next level

Life is a process and those who start from a small beginning can often reach greater heights by dint of hard work, diligence and other time-honoured traits.

This is evident in the trajectory of once-upon-a-time, garri and bread seller, Ajayi Oluwadamilare Michael who went on to found other business ventures and is today the boss of The Shawn Exchange, arguably the most popular digital vendor in Nigeria.

While there are a thousand and one such platforms in the country, none has displayed the business savvy of The Shawn Exchange which has as many as five brand ambassadors that are strong influencers.

Starting with Papaya -Ex, one of the Instagram influencers with millions of followers, The Shawn Exchange has signed on other influencers including skit makers Isbaeu and, lately, Oga Sabinus.

The success of The Shawn Exchange thrust Ajayi Oluwadamilare Micahel, the CEO of the digital vendor, into the limelight and with many becoming conversant with his backstory, it was no longer surprising that he is doing so well.

A recent revelation of him as a serial entrepreneur has further boosted his public image.

Between his small start as a seller of garri and loaves of bread and his present venture as a digital payment exchange vendor, he has founded a string of online businesses under the Shawn business name.

These include Shawn footies, an online shoe store, Shawn Autos, Shawn Real Estate and Shawn Gadgets.

There are signs that he may likely float new businesses soon. While he refused to confirm what his next business venture would be, he, however, during the chat confirmed that he is always looking for new areas to expand into it.


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