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Jennifer Obayuwana: Woman of Panache

Jennifer Obayuwana is a socialite and the Executive Director of Polo Limited, a luxury goods company. 

She is the first child of her father, John Obayuwana, a business mogul. Jennifer is not only beautiful but also radiates class. Her father has a soft spot for her and constantly dotes on her.

Being the first child of her father, Jennifer Obayuwana has a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders, but she has seemingly not been disappointed so far. Her father has been grooming her for a long time to play a key role in the family’s business, and his influence on her career success is indeed noteworthy.

On social media, she often posts pictures of herself and her father, describing him as the ‘Boss’ and herself as the ‘Underboss’.

Jennifer is an accomplished woman who displays her works on social media to the delight of her followers.

Jennifer Obayuwana

She is also a fashionista who is usually well-turned-out in statement pieces of different hues. She believes that a person who works hard should also play hard, so she usually creates time to rest and go on vacations.

Just a few months ago, Jennifer Obayuwana announced with pride that she had added a certificate from Harvard University to her resume. The program she completed was on Risk Management for Corporate Leaders, and she claimed to have gained a better understanding required for her new role in business.

The Obayuwana’s Polo empire in Lagos and Abuja is the biggest company that trades in the most exclusive wristwatches like Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Graff Diamond, Vacheron Constatine, and other luxurious brands.

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