New year welcomed around the world




Some parts of the world have been ushered into the New Year of 2023, with citizens being treated to spectacular lighting and fireworks.

2022 has been quite a year, especially for those in Nigeria, Ukraine, to mention just a few and now the time has come to welcome a brand new one; 2023, which has started to be marked around the globe



Among the first places to see in the New Year was Kiritimati Island in the central Pacific Ocean

Auckland in New Zealand, however, became the first major city to start celebrations welcoming in 2023, with fireworks launched from the city’s Sky Tower



Sydney, also in Australia, has also entered the new year, with the city’s fireworks being launched from its Harbour Bridge, Opera House and barges in its famous harbour.




Folks in Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Shanghai, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei and Perth have also been ushered into the new year, with celebrations ringing through these cities.


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