Odegaard: If I was from Spain, they would have given me more time to grow at Real Madrid

Arsenal captain Martin Ordegaard has revealed that he was not given enough time to develop and showcase his talents at Real Madrid.

The Norwegian midfielder, who joined Real Madrid at the age of 16, said that things would have been different had it been he was Spanish.

“There is no middle ground in modern football. Either you are the best signing in history, or you are shit.

“I had a good connection with Zidane and he took great care of me, so I wanted to believe that this time it would work. But then I got COVID. I started the first two games of that season in 2020-21

“But I wasn’t fully recovered. I didn’t play at my best level and after that, I didn’t have many more chances. Almost nothing.

“I can only thank Real Sociedad Madrid for betting on a 16-year-old boy. They all meant well and I don’t blame anyone, but I needed to find a place where I could settle. I needed to find a real home. I found it in London.”

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