Outcome of 2023 elections will make or mar Nigeria – Okey Ikechukwu

Professor Okey Ikechukwu, the Executive Director, Development Specs Academy(DSA) has said that the outcome of 2023 general elections will make or mar Nigeria.

Ikechukwu who was recently
appointed professor of Strategic Management and Human Capital by the Nnamdi Azikiwe University said this while speaking on Arise TV on the preparedness of the presidential candidates ahead of the much anticipated elections in 2023.

According to the Prof, Nigerians have woken up and demand for the betterment of the country which is currently going through major crisis.

He said, “If we miss it in 2023, we miss it permanently. It is very critical. We have a new generation of people. We have cords generational crisis. We have a rough economy that is not working well, we have insecurities. People can’t move around, the elite can’t even enjoy their wealth and in some cases their loot. The people have woken up and said that can’t go on. In fact, we have gotten to the stage where people will collect your money and stil vote candidate of their choice. My view is that 2023, will make of mar the nation. It is not just critical but very fundamental.”

He also took a swipe at the Peoples democratic party (PDP) candidate, Atiku Abubakar for pushing his ambition to become the number one citizen of the country, while his immediate family is in shambles.

“This is a new era and people are making new demands and they force themselves to dance to that tune but does not necessarily mean that when they get to their office that they will respect those promises..These candidates are beginning to do A,B,C D, but what’s the electoral value of what they are doing? APC candidate went to Shatam house, other candidates are doing all kinds of things, when you put all that together what impressions would you get? The efforts might be increasing but there’s reluctancy.
There was this visit a few weeks ago by the PDP presidential candidate and a few other stakeholders went to meet the governor trying to sort out the grey areas. However, a few days later, the man they went to visit came out and said the presidential candidate is on his own. You want to convince you to vote you in as the President, but your home in disarray,” Ikechukwu stated.

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