Tinubu creates Ministry of Livestock Development

The Federal Government has announced the creation of the Ministry of Livestock Development, in the bid to stop the frequent clashes between herders and farmers in the country.

President Bola Tinubu made the announcement on Tuesday.

“This presents a unique opportunity  to delineate and establish a separate ministry called the Ministry of Livestock Development. We will develop the economy, give people the opportunity to excel. Our vet doctors can give us the necessary opportunity to rear, crossbreeding and stop the wanton killings. Even animal feeds is a huge economy”, he said.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Renewed Hope Livestock Reform Implementation Committee at the Council Chambers of the State House, Abuja, Tinubu explained that the creation of the new ministry is as a result of the recommendation of the Presidential Panel on reform of Livestock Industry set up to provide long term solution to constant clashes between farmers and herders in September, 2023.

“The far reaching recommendation in their report, informed our decision to constitute and inaugurate this Presidential Committee on the Implementation of Livestock Reforms and seize the great opportunity to better the live  of our people, rather than the conflict promoted agenda,” he further stated.

“It is our renewed hope and I believe that hope is here. Trying to see a great opportunity for wealth in a situation that is very conducive. I must mention here that, I have discussed in a number of occasions with the governors, the need to seize this opportunity, let’s run with it from here”.
President Tinubu also said his administration would adopt the recommendation of ranching by the committee.

According to him: “Traditional livestock system must be reformed to add significant and sustainable value to Nigeria’s social economic growth and development. With all measures that is available to us, I don’t want us to turn this environment to another talk opportunity, I just want to inaugurate this community to ensure that I am ready.

“I assure you and Nigerian public that we need to create this economy, seize this opportunity. These ranches you recommend, and promote, I will work with it. And luckily, we have information and technology minister present too.

“Herds of cows can be identified with chips and be tracked these days. If other  technologies is available to us, we are ready to work. As I said from the beginning, with you, all of you, the solution is here and we must run with it.”

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