Afrobeat maestro Kingsley King to drop new EP July 28

Afrobeat sensation Kingsley Okwudiri Emeghebo, otherwise known as Kingsley King, has dropped some good news for his fans as he confirmed that his EP, titled “Afro Vibes,” is set to drop on July 28, 2023.

He made the announcement in a recent interview with TMY Podcast where he also interacted with his followers.

Reacting to followers who wanted to know about his performances in the past and upcoming shows, Kingsley King confirmed: “I have had the opportunity to perform in various countries such as Belgium, Australia, and the United States. Each show was a truly enjoyable experience, although it saddens me that I don’t have any footage to capture those memorable moments. In just three weeks from now, I will be performing in Belgium (Ghent Feesten) once again, and later in August, I will be taking the stage in Tenerife, Spain. I anticipate that these upcoming shows will be absolutely amazing, filled with both excitement and joy. I cannot wait to share these incredible moments with everyone.”

Responding to another question about the viability of him doing afrobeat instead of other genres of music, the Imo State-born artiste said: “I’d like you to know that Afrobeat is not just a genre of music; it’s a movement that stands for love, peace, and unity. Every time you dance to my music, you’re not just enjoying the melody but also spreading these messages.”

The artiste, who is on Spotify, further told his followers how handy the internet has been to his musical career.

He said: “As an Afrobeat artist, the impact of the Internet on the music business has been tremendous. It has provided me with unprecedented opportunities for exposure and reaching a global audience. The Internet has made it much easier for me to share my music with fans all over the world, breaking down geographical barriers and connecting with individuals who may not have otherwise been able to discover my music.”

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