How Webcore Nigeria leverage expertise to develop digital solutions for SMEs, corporations – Eloho Oyegwa

In an ever-evolving business ecosystem, where gaps to meet consumers’ needs widen and behaviour change fast, Webcore Nigeria, a digital marketing solution company, is providing Small Business Enterprises (SMEs) and corporations with cutting edge technology to stay ahead of the game.

Founded by Eloho Oyegwa, Webcore Nigeria is a brainchild of a transformational mindset targeted at helping businesses take and maximize opportunities and scale up sales and profitability, through the combination of tools, to drive visibility, reach consumers and end users of products and services.

Born and raised in Lagos but hails from Isoko South of Delta State, Eloho Oyegwa explained how his background in algorithm training and computer science inspired the use of innovative technology such as engine optimization and more, have empowered the company to produce better outcomes for clients.

“Computer science has been instrumental in my career growth and has significantly enhanced my contributions to society. In my professional life, I have leveraged my expertise in website development and digital marketing to design innovative solutions for various industries. Whether it’s developing cutting-edge web applications or search engine optimization for websites my background in computer science has empowered me to create tangible and impactful outcomes for businesses and organizations”, said Eloho Oyegwa.

“Computer science education has equipped me with a deep understanding of algorithms and programming languages. This knowledge has empowered me to tackle complex problems, develop innovative solutions, and contribute meaningfully to various projects and initiatives. The problem-solving skills honed during my education have been invaluable, allowing me to approach challenges analytically and devise effective strategies to overcome them.

“Furthermore, computer science education has instilled in me a mindset of continuous learning and adaptability. In the ever-changing landscape of technology, staying updated with the latest trends and advancements is crucial. My education has provided me with a strong foundation, enabling me to grasp new concepts swiftly and apply them practically in my work”.

Other digital products and services offered by Webcore Nigeria include Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Branding, Online Presence, and Digital Marketing packages, through its e-commerce platform. The company has made landmark achievements in its operations in a decade, steering clients to advancing their public presence and business model.

Eloho Oyegwa explained that shortly after he officially registered the company in 2014, he had to expand the scope of its operation, for better service delivery and reach, in the Nigerian market.

“The idea for this venture emerged from my initial experience in website development, which later transitioned into offering website design services.

Recognizing the limitations of service delivery business, I pivoted to a product-led model in 2016, focusing on digital solutions. Since our establishment on August 31, 2016, this approach has not only resulted in higher and faster revenue but also enabled us to reach a broader audience, making it a successful and sustainable business model,” Eloho Oyegwa disclosed.

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