Meet Oluwagbenga Oluwafemi Dawodu the young CEO of WahalaNetwork

This is the remarkable and inspiring trajectory of Oluwagbenga Oluwafemi Dawodu, also known as Kristen Dawodu, the young and suave CEO of WahalaNetwork a news blog that entertains and updates the world with credible news.

In today’s fast-paced world, where things of interest happen second by second and people scramble for what is factual, interesting, and, at times, controversial, WahalaNetwork run by Kristen Dawodu, has changed the narrative. Founded in August 2021, WahalaNetwork has become the home of authentic gist, and other trending news.

The journey for Dawodu started way back when he attended King Emmanuel Primary School in Ore, Ondo State, and Hallmark Secondary School in the Sunshine State. The media entrepreneur then bagged a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Tai Solarin University in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

Wahalanetwork is not just a blog; it stands out as a media platform that provides credibility to news items and all the missing and critical fundamentals that are filtered away by other pedestrian blogs, which eliminates the believability of their content. Its founder has the vision of reshaping the blogosphere in the country, and that is exactly what Wahalanetwork has done in the 19 months it has been in existence, with his watchword being “credibility.”

“The blog covers mainly Afrobeats and entertainment in general because there are several topics that most blogs don’t update the public on because the contents are not seen as news. Wahala network as made many other big blog brands to focus on Afrobeat news and entertainment in general because the world presently has focused on entertainment and Afrobeat, as a mainstream sector”, the founder said in a recent media session.

“WahalaNetwork stands for credibility, several contents are not even posted because of evidences. The blog has evidence for all posts uploaded on the blog. The credibility aspect of any news is the main focus of WahalaNetwork.

“The core values of WahalaNetwork are credibility, consistency, and promptness. The blog is known for accurate updates; the updates come in steadily, and the updates are prompt because we post contents before all other blogs. However, there are numerous contents that are not posted for certain reasons, some of the reasons can be insensitive updates, violent updates, and degrading updates”.

Credibility in the content associated with WahalaNetwork has redefined activities surrounding entertainment media and the amount of content taken in by youths who are generally intoxicated by topics surrounding their favourite celebrities.

“The vision was to be a globally recognised brand, and after 19 months, the page has bagged over 200,000 followers. The followers are all organic, as is evident from the daily, weekly, and monthly traction.

“TikTok and some other apps are the stages for some elderly people. Wahalanetwork will like to explore more by giving elderly people more attention because some of their contents are dances, advices or historic quotes. That will educate the public more and it will inspire many elderly people to start creating contents as well, with that the entertainment industry grows more,” said the founder of WahalaNetwork.

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