Tinubu vows to sack non-performing ministers after meeting ACF leaders

President Bola Tinubu has said he will not waste time to sack ministers who are failing in their responsibilities to Nigerians.

Speaking during a meeting with the leadership of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) at the presidential villa in Abuja, Tinubu was quoted in a statement by the presidency to have said, “I thank the cabinet members for their efforts, but I will relieve any of them of their duties anytime I feel that they are failing Nigerians’’.

Tinubu asked the Arewa leaders to summon the governors and make them sympathetic to the needs of the local people.

“We are running a constitutional democracy. I will appeal to you to summon the governors. I am doing my very best to enhance the revenue base of the country. They must equally be sympathetic, and they must urgently consider the needs of the local people,” he said.

“We have 774 local government areas, but are they truly effective? Do they solve problems for Nigerians? Do they coordinate development programming with the state and federal governments?

“Who is being held accountable for the performance of the 774 local governments?

“When we want the votes, we go to the locals; when we get the votes, we move to and focus on Abuja.”

Tinubu stated that the number of out-of-school children in the country is “unacceptable,” pointing  out that education is a weapon against poverty.

“We must use our education to serve the people and improve their conditions. We must develop the backbone of Nigeria’s economy, which is the education system,” he said.

“We will collaborate with you on this intensively. We are still building Nigeria, and I am glad that you have emphasized the need for development.”

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