How John Ghatti is redefining forex trading with robot


Ideas in the 21st century have proven that the human mind is both powerful and absolutely deep, to the level that it has sufficient space to dream and achieve anything.


Usually, the general concept of forex trading includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices–which are activities undertaken by humans. But renowned global figure and expert in the business, Rhulani Nkuna, better known as John Ghatti, is changing the dynamics of the trade.


Rhulani Nkuna, who is from South Africa, delved into forex trading in 2016, and about seven years later, the 26-year-old has created revolutionary imprint of greatness as though he was born for it. The multi-millionaire who studied civil engineering at college level, first founded the Cobra Cobra 1.0 trading robot before introducing the biggest innovation yet to be made by any mortal in the business.


In his bid to transform forex trading across the world, John Ghatti, the trendsetter, founded the Private Wealth Robot; the company behind the world’s first trading robot, Godzilla 4.0 Banker Sniper. The concept has brought far-reaching transformational changes to forex trading across the world.


Rhulani Nkuna, who is CEO of Takashi, a fully-automated robot trading forex on people’s behalf with or without experience, revealed recently the unmatched financial gains of patronising Takashi as a forex trader.


“The only robot in the world where you can make 36% in one trade. What is special about Takashi is that you make money even when you are wrong,” Rhulani Nkuna wrote on social media. His innovative mind has seen him being dubbed as the “Elon Musk of forex.”


Rhulani Nkuna grew in a moderate family. He is zealous about empowering African youths, ending unproductivity, unemployment and ultimately poverty, through direct impartation of knowledge of forex trading. He holds regular forex empowerment programme, as well as periodic free training.


Rhulani Nkuna’s vision to drive prosperity among African youths takes him to schools and universities in South Africa, where he regularly stimulates the young minds to dream of success. John Ghatti’s fame has been on the increase  since 2020, when he won the award of Best Forex Robot Founder. He was named 2021/2022 Best Forex Trader in Africa, and was listed as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30s in Africa.


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