Chijioke Emmanuel Nwadavid takes philanthropy beyond the shores of Nigeria


After over 10 years of making indelible impact in ameliorating the sufferings of the poor in Nigeria, Chijioke Emmanuel Nwadavid, founder of NecBullion Charity Foundation, a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO), has revealed the intention of the body to extend its services to other continents.


For more than a decade, NecBullion Charity Foundation, which was only registered in 2021, has touched the lives of indigent children, widows, women and youths. The foundation, through its Chief Executive Officer of NecBullion Concept Limited, has on several occasions distributed cooked foods to the poor on the streets of major cities and remote communities.


Chijioke Emmanuel Nwadavid, who is also an ECOWAS youth ambassador, owing to the prevalent impact of the foundation in the ECOWAS sub-region, remodeled an old and dilapidated classroom in an LEA Primary School into a state-of-the-art ICT centre in the Federal Capital Territory. Computer units were purchased and furniture constructed to enable children have access to a life-changing world of tech were all donated.


Chijioke Emmanuel Nwadavid is focused on providing basic needs to indigent children aged 0 to 15 years old in poor neighbourhood around the country. The foundation brings relief to women who could not afford their medical bills after giving birth in hospitals, and paying bills for their medications.


“Others would include school materials such as note books and text books, and clothing. It is important to provide access to quality healthcare and medical services for indigent children. Where there is no good healthcare, our activities would sound unrealistic”, Chijioke Emmanuel Nwadavid had said while explaining the operations of the organisation.


Speaking further, Chijioke Emmanuel Nwadavid said, “A society is not made up of only children and widows, there are other progress-seeking humans who wuld need assistance so there is love, peace and security for coexistence, we aim to assist and support indigent persons, male and female, skilled and unskilled, who may require the assistance of the foundation in areas of livelihood, health, legal, motivation and advice”.


However, unsatisfied with only its presence in Nigeria, NecBullion Charity Foundation is determined to expand its reach to other parts of the world through possible collaboration with other NGOs.


“Reaching out to indigent children has always been our focus as a foundation. In order to expand our reach, we would be collaborating with other Nongovernmental organizations who have similar goals. This would enable us touch more lives across different continents because alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much,” stated Chijioke Emmanuel Nwadavid


“We also understand as a foundation that at a certain point we would need to diversify in terms of our reach. We are open to restructure our programs in order fit in a vast majority of individuals. These could involve reaching out to individuals that are not within out set age range which is currently age 0-15, because for us at Necbullion Charity Foundation, impacting lives positively however we can is our ultimate goal.”



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