I’ll keep spreading love to others– 360Kuts CEO Jimmy Ofuoyan

Founder of international hair cut brand 360Kuts Jimmy Ofuoyan, has insisted that he will not stop to offer help to humanity, spread love and inspire his ardent followers who have been motivated by the extraordinary story of how he rose to fame and fortune through fortitude.

The 360Kuts boss’ reaction is a response to some vicious comments by some Nigerians online who denigrated his charitable action of offering free hair cut in an Italian city centre to strangers, upon learning of the news of his father’s death. The entrepreneur became a news item in Nigeria as he also treated people to free shopping spree, as a way of giving back to the society that played a key in his change of fortune and dealing with the pain of losing his father.

“I was born into hardship but thankfully today, I am better, and this is my way of giving back. My life depended on it and me proving I’m worth keeping alive and had something to offer to my captors and others in the prison camp”, the 360Kuts CEO had explained the reason for his decision.

“I never had the chance to use a clipper based on the situation and place I found myself in those days. So I’d only use a Razor blade and a small comb as a guide to do a fade and blend the hair”, said Jimmy Ofuoyan.

Under the online post in a major daily newspaper, some Nigerians posted barbaric responses to the philanthropic gesture by the CEO of 360Kuts. Some asked why he did not come to Nigeria to offer such service, while others insinuated, he did not own a salon, hence, why he was on the street.

Undeterred by the insensitive judgments passed on him, the Nigerian-born 360Kuts owner reiterated that he undertook charity the day his father died because he understood more about what life was all about.

“Living in a society where people see every good deed as something beneficial or selfish, I knew I was going to get canceled and a lot of hates as seen on the Vanguard newspaper page on Facebook and other social media handles, especially from Nigeria, where I’m from! Just because I posted a video helping people on the streets.

“Meanwhile, on that very day, I’d lost my dad and i truly understood more about life and I had no other way to express my grief rather than spreading love and compassion. To be 100% clear, I don’t  care. I’m always going to use my channel and platform to help other people, spread love and positivity and try to inspire my audience/followers to do the same,” he wrote.

The 360Kuts owner’ endured a very difficult childhood many might not have, or would have become a problem to the society. He grew in a large family where survival was more paramount than education. He only had access to primary education, after which he took up apprenticeship at his brother’s salon, where he learnt skills on braiding and fixing of women’s hair.

The 360Kuts helmsman self-taught on men’s haircut, for which he is now renowned for across Italy as a sensation.


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