Meet suave CEO of Webcore Nigeria Eloho Oyegwa

It’s a generation of young and bright minds in Nigeria inspiring the unchartered waters of Information Technology. Eloho Oyegwa, the CEO of Webcore Nigeria, is championing the new era of onboarding technology-driven models of enhancing and upscalling businesses.

As the fifth child of six siblings, the Webcore Nigeria founder describes himself as a product of value, from his parents to his professional training, as a computer guru. He argues that the aggregation of the values he has been privileged to enjoy in life has stimulated him to reciprocate same in business and help others improve their enterprise.

“My parents have always been my pillars of strength and have taught me invaluable life lessons. My father, Engineer Jeremiah Akporuere Oyegwa, is a hardworking individual who has instilled in me the importance of dedication and perseverance. My mother, Mrs Felicia Aruoriwo Oyegwa, is incredibly compassionate and has taught me the significance of empathy and kindness”, the Webcore Nigeria boss said.

Speaking further, Eloho Oyegwa said, “growing up, my parents emphasized the values of honesty, integrity, and respect for others. They taught me the importance of education and encouraged me to pursue my passions. Our family gatherings were filled with love, laughter, and the joy of togetherness. Despite the challenges life threw our way, their unwavering support and love always kept us grounded.

“Since those early periods of my life from the 1990’s to late 2000’s I have observed the way computers have been used in problem-solving and it’s use in real-world applications. This has motivated me to pursue a Diploma in Computer Science at Lagos City Polytechnic. The interdisciplinary nature of the program and the opportunity to engage in research further solidified my decision.

“If I were to consider an alternative course, I might have been inclined towards HVAC engineering, primarily because my father is into this profession and I am involved in managing the family business. I graduated from Lagos City Polytechnic in the year 2011, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of Computer Science.

Overall, my educational journey has been instrumental in shaping my expertise and passion for computer science, and I am utilizing my knowledge to make meaningful contributions in the information technology field, through research, innovation and community engagement”, added the Webcore Nigeria CEO.

Oyegwa attended Akodu Memorial Primary School in the early 1990s and proceeded to Gbaja Boys High School for his secondary education. The young entrepreneur obtained a diploma in Computer Science at Lagos City Polytechnic, where he acquired qualitative hands-on knowledge on the fundamental principles of algorithms, software development, and computer systems.

“Computer science has been instrumental in my career growth and has significantly enhanced my contributions to society. In my professional life, I have leveraged my expertise in website development and digital marketing to design innovative solutions for various industries. Whether it’s developing cutting-edge web applications or search engine optimization for websites my background in computer science has empowered me to create tangible and impactful outcomes for businesses and organizations. Furthermore, I have actively participated in initiatives that promote digital literacy and STEM education in communities,” he said.

The Webcore Nigeria boss said, “By sharing my knowledge and passion for information technology, I aim to inspire the next generation of innovators. I have also been involved in projects that address societal challenges, such as healthcare optimization, environmental monitoring, and social equality, using technology as a catalyst for positive change.

” In essence, my education in computer science has not only provided me with a fulfilling career but has also enabled me to make meaningful contributions to society. By leveraging the power of technology, I continue to explore new avenues for innovation, fostering progress and creating a positive impact on the world around me”, said the CEO of Webcore Nigeria

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