Fenomevibez announces plans to unleash songs that will rock global music industry in 2023

Fast-rising Afro-pop artist Nelson Igbinovia, popularly known as Fenome Vibez, has continued his upward trajectory as an underground hip-hop singer, reaching out to global fans from his base in Minnesota, United States.
Fenomevibez―as he is more popularly known on social media―touted as the leader of a new wave of Nigerian hip-hop, already has a large underground following in the entertainment industry.
He has made his presence felt in the past few years with a variety of features and lead projects, including hit singles.
He recently hinted that the coming year of 2023 will be a breakout year for him as he will unleash a series of songs that will rock the global music industry.
Already, the Edo State-born musician has distinguished himself as an excellent lyricist, storytelling in his song in an inimitable way that weaves narratives into African beats and melodies.
Fenomvibez’s musical journey transversed the streets of Lagos, Benin and Minnesota to the global stage. This eclectic background gives his music the aura to transcend boundaries and connect with people of diverse musical tastes. While rooted in his Edo heritage, Fenomevibez’s music transcends borders.
What’s more, his international appeal is a testament to the universality of his sound, which has been attracting fans from different corners of the globe.
In an industry where artists are often labelled, categorised and boxed into specific genres, Fenomevibez defies labels, by creating a musical space where genres merge and boundaries dissolve.
Whether amapiano, afrobeats, jazz, blues, soul or their fusions, he is a master of them all.

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