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Quincy Peter Patrick bags CIPRMP award for excellency

For his dedication to leadership excellence and business acumen, the founder of Nippon Group LTD, Quincy Peter Patrick also known as Quincy Nippon, has been honoured by the Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics (CIPRMP), Ghana.

Quincy Peter Patrick, who is an international investor, a youth ambassador and renowned nation builder bagged the Fellowship Award 2021 Hall of Fame following his entrepreneurial excellence and exceptional management track records over the years.

“As an Institute with a Global focus to re-position the economy of the African continent through cross-fertilisation of ideas from high-level intellectual executives and outstanding statesmanship leaders, and growth-oriented public servants. We are poised to make the African continent an exemplary hub of unrivalled political and socio-economic excellence,” CIPRMP organizers noted.

Quincy who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Nippon Real Estate Ltd, one of the leading real estate companies in Africa, has over the years made significant contributions to the private sector.

The real estate has also impacted positively on the lives of Nigeria youths, creating jobs through the establishments of Nippon Grand Football Club in Aba, Abia State, the Nippon Grand Hotel, Nippon Real Estate Ltd, and among others.

CIPRMP are professionally structured to enhance the mechanism of Corporate Governance with a view to training potential leaders from the public and private economic sectors to become world class corporate policy makers and management experts to enable them become the drivers of the national economic development and productivity.

The Chartered Institute also promote incorruptible budgetary analysis in the various inter-governmental agencies responsible for the day to day advancement structures of member nations.

They also make it a top priority to cultivate entrepreneurial proficiency which also serves as the bedrock pivotal for meaningful socio-economic vibrancy.

The Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics, Ghana, is an International Institute headquartered in Ghana with Liaison offices in Nigeria, Cote d’ivoire, Liberia and Kenya.

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