Thembi Shilenge raises global financial giants through crypto mentorship


South Africa’s businesswoman and entrepreneur, Thembi Portia Shilenge, is fast becoming one of the youngest influential figures on earth, following the impact of her mentorship programme in cryptocurrency trading, which has continued to record sweeping impact globally.

Thembi Shilenge is CEO of Crypto Dimensions, a hardworking crypto trader and coach. The beauty with brains started trading, mining and staking bitcoin in 2016, when the world was still unreceptive towards what has now made her a global phenomenon. She later discovered the existence of ripple, ethereum, monero,  dashcoin; other digital currencies while trading with Poloniex Exchange in 2017.

Thembi Shilenge was daring, bold and stared colossal risk in the face by trading with a margin of $1, 000 or less. In the process, she found the jackpot, acquired the needed expertise and began her journey to financial boom. Burdened about keeping the acquired skills all to herself, she founded Crypto Dimensions in 2018, and used the academy arm of her establishment to mentor over 500 people around the world, teaching blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance.

The idea made immediate impact as revealed by results, reviews and testimonials from her mentees. The academy delivered over 100 millionaires in cryptocurrency. Thembi Shilenge’s impact in the business through her company, Crypto Dimensions, was unwatchable, so much so that she was featured on the cover of  popular South African magazine, Sandton Daily, in their May 2023 edition, captioned: “Thriving as a millennial entrepreneur: 10 insights from seasoned businesswoman, Thembi Shilenge. These 10 tips will increase your chances of being successful.”


Thembi Shilenge is motivated by her own success, and her goal is to help others achieve their dreams as well. In 2021, she was invited to a cryptocurrency expo in Dubai, in which she was one of the panelists. Asides doing it on the global stage, the business magnate is also helping to create awareness back home on wealth creation among young South Africans.

Thembi Portia Shilenge, who is also a property investment expert in her country, is equally blazing the trail in the sector. She develops township rentals and while she was interviewed by SABC News in 2022, she spoke about her foray into the business. The crypto queen was named by the media outfit as the ‘Best Township Property Developer.’

As a key player in the industry, her advocacy and yearning has been that young enterprisers should consider investing in townships, provide decent and affordable housing to the people and recoup their investments later.

Thembi Shilenge is uncompromising hardworking. Her philosophy is that risk is an important catalyst for success, without which the word would not have existed.







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