Olivia Chioma Okoro: The rise of hyper feminine girl

Reality Show Star, Olivia Chioma Okoro better known as Oli Oli who came into limelight after she was featured in hit pan-African reality show, Big Brother Titans is best described as one with tenacity, wit, captivating charisma, and great style.
Olivia Chioma Okoro
“I would describe myself as an amiable and welcoming person. I possess a remarkable ability to make others feel at ease. I like to say that I am allergic to stress, so I ensure that I exude an aura of friendliness that draws people in and makes them feel comfortable and valued. I love being a hyper feminine girl, smelling good, looking pretty and being cute. In fact, I deserve all the good things of life,” she gushed in a recent interview with TMY News.
Oli Oli became an instant sensation throughout her journey on the show. She navigated the complexities of the game, built alliances, faced challenges head-on, and kept viewers on the edge of their seats until she left the house.
Olivia Chioma Okoro
Speaking on how she navigated the dynamics within the house and maintained her individuality, Oli Oli who just got herself a multi million naira Range Rover SUV said, “Being in the house wasn’t so difficult for me because I had my eyes on the prize, but I must admit that some days were more emotionally stressful than others, especially as a woman. Sharing the same space with 23 other strangers had its baggage. I kept my individuality by constantly reminding myself of my WHY. This kept me grounded. Even things that ordinarily would have been an issue became a walk in the park. So I’d say that it wasn’t difficult and it also wasn’t easy.”
Big Brother platform is known for its intense competition, Olivia Chioma Okoro reveals all she did to prepare herself physically and mentally to compete against the other housemates, especially in male-dominated house.
“I had watched the previous Big Brother shows, and let’s say I had my expectations. So I was already prepared, especially mentally. I taught myself always to count my losses. So even when it appeared as though I had lost a game, I was already looking forward to winning the next round,” she said.

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