Why Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited is Africa’s leading force in jewellery enterprise

Despite setting off as a start-up idea back in Aisha Ochuwa Tella’s undergraduate days, Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited has made an indelible mark in Nigeria and Africa’s jewellery industry, both by impact and growth.

The vision for Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited is to redefine creativity in the business and the market, create value-for-money model in the jewellery industry through breathtaking craftsmanship for customers, across its subsidiaries; Aishaochuwa Jewellery Limited, Aishaochuwa Luxury Limited, and Bespoke by AishaOchuwa Limited.

Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited has been a model for other players in the industry. The jewellery brand routinely exudes elegance and opulence, known as a leading purveyor of luxury jewellery crafted to compliment beauty and adornment. Its subsidiaries are extensions of the excellence and creativity the umbrella body is renowned for, with each designed to cater to different spec of consumer taste.

Like many industries, fashion is equally an evolving one, with appetite changing with trend. However, Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited is well ahead of the game. Aishaochuwa Luxury Limited has become the epitome of sophistication and timeless beauty in the world of fine jewellery. Since its inception, Aishaochuwa Luxury Limited has set an uncompromising standard in the world of luxury jewelry. Burdened to handle the production and sale of stainless steel jewellery in both wholesale and retail, each piece is meticulously crafted by master artisans who bring years of expertise and a passion for perfection to their work. The result is an exquisite collection of jewelry that speaks lavishness and refinement.

“Our pieces are made exclusively from pure gold and ethically sourced diamonds, ensuring not only their unparalleled beauty but also their value and sustainability.The commitment to quality and ethics is at the heart of everything we do,” Aisha Ochuwa Tella remarked. Aishaochuwa Luxury Limited offers a wide range of jewelry collections that cater to every taste and occasion. Whether it is a dazzling engagement ring, a timeless necklace, or a pair of earrings that make a statement, its collections are designed to complement the unique style of every individual.

Aisha Ochuwa Luxury Limited is established to handle production and sale of pure gold, natural diamonds, certified fine silver, and moissanite jewellery. It is synonymous for innovative designs, premium materials and beautiful craftsmanship. With over a decade of designing experience, value for money is its watchword, ensuring that customers who patronize the firm do not really leave, as they spoilt for choice.

Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited owner has not only created a chain of businesses that will last generations, she is bestowing direct knowledge to the future of the industry. Bespoke By Aishaochuwa provides an insight into the treasured mindset of the entrepreneur, assuring that her foray into everything is driven by passion. Bespoke By Aishaochuwa is the jewellery academy that teaches customisation of different designs of jewellery.

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