Fenome Vibez takes 2024 by storm


One of his 2024 releases, ‘Healer,’ features Kiing Marko, while the acoustic version of ‘Royal,’ also released in March, features Miah Empire. The ‘Black Benz’ singer has been one of the independent artists who have been making waves underground and is currently breaking into the big time.


On February 28, 2024, Fenome Vibez, posting on his Instagram page under the username @fenom_vibez, wrote: “You can’t stop me. No man, label, or agency can hold us back now. If they don’t think I am good enough to be on their platform, I am not big enough yet to be on their shows, it’s all good. We are going to create our own platforms, I’m going to curate my own shows, band, podcasts, etc. We, as a tribe, will come together and have fun at our own event, on our own platforms, and at that time, we will be too big for them.”

True to his words, Fenome Vibez’s music now rules the airwaves from South Africa to Tanzania to the streets of Nigeria. In Minnesota, United States, where he is based, his songs are an anthem for the black community and all lovers of Afrobeats, Amapiano, and other genres of African music and the genres their fusions spawn.

The Edo State-born musician’s mosaic background of Benin heritage, Lagos’ street credibility, and cosmopolitan sound from Minnesota, United States, give his sound a unique flavor that makes him the future of African music.

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