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Nigerian barber in Italy Jimmy Ofuoyan goes viral on web for causing chaos on Italian streets with his Italian accent

CEO of 360Kuts, Jimmy Ofuoyan has taken charity to another level of greatness as he offered to cut the hair of some persons for free in the Italia city of Pescara.

Jimmy Ofuoyan, a Nigeria, residing in Italy, is the celebrated hair stylist, who left the shores of Nigeria many years ago to seek greener pastures in Europe but ended up becoming a top hair stylist, who is reputed for cutting the hair of top football players in the Italian top league.

And just recently, the founder of 360Kuts took the concept of philanthropy to another new level when he gave free hair cut to total strangers, folks he did not know before as well as took some on a shopping spree in the city centre of Pescara.

Critically, Jimmy Ofuoyan, has quickly risen to fame on social media for showing up at city center Pescara Italy and giving strangers free haircuts and a free shopping spree.

At only 12-years-old, JJimmy Ofuoyan, who is known as 360kuts on instagram & TikTok , now has up to 3 million views and more than 200.000 followersm who support his video series on the apps.

He has come a long way to gain this type of success, having started hairstyling at a very young age of 12, mastering and practicing the craft in Libya Prison and would practice on his own head and that of his captures to learn how to fade and master the techniques without letting them know he was learning as it was the only thing that kept him alive in those moments as a symbol of usefulness to them.

Speaking previously to reporters, the 360Kuts founder said, “My life depended on it and me proving I’m worth keeping alive and had something to offer to my captors and others in the prison camp.

“I never had the chance to use a clipper based on the situation and place I found myself in those days, so I’d only use a Razor blade and a small comb as a guide to do a fade and blend the hair”, added Jimmy Ofuoyan.

The 360Kuts founder continued cutting and practicing until he got better and once other captives at the prison, saw his progression and how good he had over the years, Jimmy Ufuoyan took his skill to another heights as he began cutting the hair of fellow prisoners and charging 1 diners per cut which at that time was equivalent to 1 dollar per cut, which was designed just to survive the tragic situation and frustration of the war torn country.

Jimmy Ofuoyan said the name 360kuts was inspired by his beginnings as a very young teenager, who had a lot of talents and potential and who did a lot of things and became perfect in them and didn’t know how to put everything he knew in one word as a name but never forgot what and how he started with so he took it from the term   to end up in the same place that one started ‘ slogan ‘ kuts ‘  being a barber and someone who knows how to cut hair’.

“My life is a moving story and I just had to come up with the name 360Kuts as I have gone 360 degrees in terms of seeing the very worst that life can offer one when I was in the refugees camp and prison with criminals and had to survive the hard way and started barbing and making little money from the craft, till getting to where I am today”, said Jimmy Ofuoyan.


The owner of 360Kuts said cutting the hair of strangers for free is his own little way of giving back to the society.

” This is my way of saying telling my creator a big thank you for the journey of my life. I am also indebted to my God for taking me this far and that informed why I treated some strangers to a shopping spree, where I bought things for them, using money I have made from 360Kuts to purchase the items”, said Jimmy Ofuoyan.

Interestingly, many people benefitted from the free hair cut styling and shopping spree of Jimmy Ofuoyan, whose stock has now shot to a whole new height on social media, as typified by the number of likes and comments on the posts, showing his philanthropic gestures.

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