What inspired me to set up Theresathreads, by Akinforlarin Theresa Success

CEO of Theresathreads, Akinforlarin Theresa Success, is a young, thriving female blogger, who is gradually picking her way up the ladder of blogging. She is the first of nine children, though from Ondo State, but born in Ayetumara, a village in Ogun state. Her parents are Mr Kolade Akinforlarin and Marian Ajayi,who separated in 2001. She credited her parents for teaching her to be responsible, a virtue that has helped her in the course of her sojourn on earth.

Theresa, Success had her primary education at Shalom Demonstration School in Oghara, Delta State. She later did her junior junior secondary education at Noble School in Oghara, followed by senior secondary in Tiumphant Academics in Delta State.

After her secondary education, she proceeded to Delta State Polytechnic, Oefe in Oghara and speaking on what influenced her to study Science Laboratory Technology, Success said, “it’s to become a scientist. The other course I will prefer is Medical Laboratory. I graduated in 2021″.

She also spoke on what motivated her to venture into blogging. According to her, ” I started blogging in order to escape from circumstances, get clarity, share passion, share expertise, share experience, express myself, find an audience and to make money online”.

Speaking further on the advantages of getting educated, the young entrepreneur said, “My qualification helps my career in a way that I can be able to read and write and to also easily get things and to understand how well to deal with people and situations that come. I can also contribute my quota to society and share knowledge with others.

” The significance of my education to my achievements is that it helps me to develop critical skills like decision making, mental agility, problem solving and legal thinking”, added the founder of Theresathreads .

Every venture and business has its own share of ups and downs and for Success, she definitely has had her fair and sizable dosage of hiccups running Theresathreads.

In an interview with reporters, she said, “The initial challenges I encountered when starting blogging comprise not having enough traffic., absence of feedback, lack of quality content, writing style, plagiarism alert, not keeping to the subject matter and low income”, said the leading woman of Theresathreads.

On how she was able to glide over the encumbrances that came her path, she said, ” to surmount the challenges, I planned ahead, created content calendar that aligned with my goal, audience and resources. Today, what I regard as a big blogging lesson is realistic about what blogging is”.

She said her happiest day so far “was the day that I woke up to discover that much of my content  had gone viral”.

Akinforlarin Theresa Success said Linda Ikeji is her role model

” She is my faviurite blogger and the one person, who I model myself after and the reason is the fact that she is an inspiration to all female bloggers. She inspired me to start my blogging business”, said the CEO of Theresathreads.

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