Webcore Nigeria maintains loyal customers base –Eloho Oyegwa

Eloho Oyegwa, CEO of leading digital marketing solution provider, Webcore Nigeria, has disclosed the company’s strategy in keeping and consolidating its rich customer base list.

Founded in 2014 by Eloho Oyewa but registered two years later, Webcore Nigeria, a product-led digital technology business which offers a range of digital products, including Social Media Marketing, SEO, Internet Branding, Online Presence, and Digital Marketing packages, through its e-commerce platform, has made a remarkable imprint in the country’s digital marketing space.

Webcore Nigeria has an impressive profile of servicing some popular individual and corporate brands who hugely benefitted from the company’s expertise in online presence promotion, through the instrumentality of digital tools. Some of them include revered Nigerian prophet and founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin. In 2018, the company played a pivotal role in elevating his Instagram following from 43,000 to a monumental 300,000.

Also, his Facebook page experienced exponential growth, soaring from 600,000 followers to astounding 2 million. The clergyman’s YouTube subscribers equally witnessed almost 500 percent increase, growing from 134,000 to an impressive 600,000 during the same period. More so, the innovative digital company’s client portfolio includes popular personalities such as Specdo, Umanu Elijah, Sunkanmi, among others.

Since then, reputation has preceded Webcore Nigeria. It has enjoyed a robust profile of healthy clientele list, boasting as a major competitor in implementing modern digital technology to solve business problems. It skillfully uses digital initiatives to optimize processes, improve customer experiences and deliver new business models.  In an interview, the CEO unveiled how the company has been able to compete favourably to keep its high-profile customers, while speaking on the valuable lessons he has picked up as an entrepreneur.

“My most significant business lesson revolves around the paramount importance of honesty and integrity in all my dealings. As the age-old adage rightly states, ‘a good name is better than riches.’ Upholding these values has not only shaped the ethical foundation of my business but has also been instrumental in building and maintaining a loyal customer base.

“In the dynamic world of commerce, trust is the bedrock upon which lasting relationships are formed. By consistently prioritizing transparency, fairness, and ethical practices, I have not only earned the trust of my customers but have also established a positive reputation within the industry.

“This lesson has not only guided my business decisions but has also reinforced the belief that integrity is the key to sustainable success, fostering enduring relationships and ensuring the longevity of my enterprise”.

The Webcore Nigeria boss, who is one of six siblings, added that his deep family values are also contributory elements to the success of the company. According to Eloho Oyegwa, the enviable upbringing his parents gave him has helped him to choose and keep integrity as his watchword in business.

“Growing up, my parents emphasized the values of honesty, integrity, and respect for others. They taught me the importance of education and encouraged me to pursue my passions. Our family gatherings were filled with love, laughter, and the joy of togetherness. Despite the challenges life threw our way, their unwavering support and love always kept us grounded.

“Overall, my upbringing has molded me into the person I am today, instilling in me a strong sense of responsibility, empathy, and a deep appreciation for the people around me. I carry these values with me in everything I do, both personally and professionally,” said the CEO of Webcore Nigeria.

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