Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited turns fashion conglomerate in Africa

Nigeria’s fashion conglomerate, Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited, is achieving incredible milestones, consolidating its foothold in the industry, not only in the country, but on the continent of Africa.

Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited birthed established brands comprising Aisha Ochuwa Jewellery Limited, Aisha Ochuwa Luxury Limited, and Bespoke by Aisha Ochuwa Limited. Founded by Aisha Ochuwa Tella, the brands epitomise opulence, sophistication, class, perfection and the real definition of adornment.

The uncommon vision of Aisha Ochuwa Tella as an entrepreneur and CEO of Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited, is a measure of the recognition the subsidiaries have grown to become. The fashion conglomerate is driven by the passion to bring elegance to customers in the most-evolving industry. It is in its own rating, pioneering classic styles, quality and innovation.

Aisha Ochuwa Jewellery Limited handles the production and sale of stainless-steel jewellery in the business empire. Aisha Ochuwa Jewellery Limited is guilty of creating frequent buzz for accessory lovers with its irresistible assortment of stainless-steel watches and jewellery.

Aisha Ochuwa Tella had in mind blending artistry, crafting high-quality stainless-steel jewellery and watches that blend elegance with durability and satisfying the taste of customers. Each piece is carefully and creatively designed to meet the highest standards of quality, with guaranteed lifespan of a lifetime. Not short of professional hands, Aisha Ochuwa Jewellery Limited ticks the boxes for everyday elegant jewellery or a statement piece, ranging from necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Aisha Ochuwa Luxury Limited is a master craftsman in the production and sale of pure gold, natural diamonds, certified fine silver, and moissanite jewellery. The subsidiary also handles special custom orders on request to match customer’s preference. The CEO’s passion for artistry and commitment to meeting customers’ taste is the consensual recipe for Aisha Ochuwa Luxury Limited’s success.

Further driven by passion to ensure Nigeria remains a trailblazer in jewellery craftsmanship in Africa, the astute businesswoman established Bespoke By Aishaochuwa; the jewellery academy where she teaches customisation of different designs of jewellery, with the use of production tools and wire works called Bench Jewellery.

This production process does not involve the use of fire, making it safe and fit for anyone. Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited, through its forward thinking owner, is raising future generation of the finest jewellers. The entrepreneur is directly impacting her wealth of knowledge and giving the young minds first-hand tutelage.


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