Aisha Ochuwa outlines road map to success for entrepreneurs in ‘The Industry Miner’

In an increasingly evolving business ecosystem, Aisha Ochuwa, a serial entrepreneur and Group Managing Director of Aisha Ochuwa Group, is beaming light to grey areas of nurturing a business idea from seed to the place of being money-spinner, through The Industry Miner.

Aisha Ochuwa could not have been in a greater position to show aspiring and existing entrepreneurs the right path on the journey from the starting line to the finish point, as she had walked the same route and thrived as a serial investor. She has stunned the business world with her great insight, work ethics and drive for success—all of which have inspired The Industry Miner.

She started business at the age of eight, by selling beaded jewellery and knitted items such as caps, bags, table mats socks and cardigans. Aisha Ochuwa made her first 10,000 naira at the age of 10years. She was fascinated by how a piece of jewellery can change one’s appearance. Her passion was fired up by the transformative power of jewellery such that, she expanded her jewellery business beyond bead-making. The trained lawyer initially hawked her beads from offices to schools, but she has gone to leverage the power of digital technology to build a global brand.

Part of the ideas that came together for her with The Industry Miner is sharing her experience, invaluable knowledge and skill, having circumnavigated the business space since her school age. The Aisha Ochuwa Group GMD has watched the perception and behavior of consumers, who are the key actors in the entire business value chain, change with time and season, and most essentially, the advancement of technology is redefining the dimensions even further.

With the mindset of giving the entrepreneurs a sneak peek into what business entails in the 21st century commerce and trade spectrum, the investment consultant has written two books: ‘The Industry Miner – A-Z of business construction’ and ‘Built To Last – A Journey to Great Entrepreneurial Success’. The platform is arguably what many had been waiting for as 28,000 learners have enrolled on the platform, as stated on its website.

“The Industry Miner is a business construction platform that offers entrepreneurs the guidance they need to become Industry giants. The platform serves as a road map to great Entrepreneurial Success, and has produced two books. The platform has also released a video series with over 25 episodes available for free on YouTube on how to structure a business from the grassroots,” she said.

“The Industry Miner platform encourages partnerships as it provides an opportunity for legitimate businesses to come onboard and benefit from the wide audience that access the platform. The platform also offers business structuring services and gives businesses ready to scale the market an opportunity to work directly with industry experts to move their business to the next level.”

“The Industry Miner provides “Comprehensive Industry-Specific Toolkits, Expert-Led Training Programs, Tailored Networking Opportunities, and Exclusive Access to Funding Opportunities”, the platform added on its website.

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