Ajayi Solomon: Making giant strides with TMY Empire

With Ajayi Solomon, as the founder and CEO of Tree Money Yard Empire Ltd., better known as TMY Empire, the thriving conglomerate has continued to grow higher and make giant strides.


The Ogun State-born techpreneur, who grew up in Ajegunle, Lagos, had been in the entertainment circle as far back as 2005, starting out formally as an artist at Bravo House of Entertainment and went on to work as a computer programmer at KD Records until he decided to establish an entertainment company that could further his music career.

Tree Money Yard Records, which he founded in 2015 in the Festac area of Lagos, consequently grew into a Lekki-based conglomerate that includes Tree Money Yard Media and Tree Money Yard News, among others.

Inspired by his late father, Prophet  Johnson Ajayi, he pursued his dream of building a business empire in the entertainment industry with a doggedness that brooked no failure.

“Multiple times, I felt like I should give up. Most of my friends also encouraged me to give up when I explained my situation. There was even a time I almost sold TMY to a digital media organisation for $95,000,” he reminisced.

Today, the company is a success story with clients across the world.
Reflecting on the feat, he said: “TMY Empire gained international reputation within a short period of years. It all happened in 2017 when I was introduced to a Facebook programme that led me to become a smart tech. It gave me the advantage of travelling to other countries. I became an expert in media technology and had the advantage of recognition as a Meta-verified business partner.”

According to the TMY Empire boss,  becoming a Meta-verified business partner opened doors to multiple international business partners.
“TMY empire was popularly recognised among PR organisations in the USA, Europe, Dubai, and Africa. The Tree Money Yard Empire led to other  brands under its imprint,” he said.

He gave further insights into the various arms of the TMY Empire operation, starting with
TMY News, a brand builder run by a group of professional PR experts who are versed in the Google algorithm and Instagram validation.

According to him: “I don’t really think we have competitors. We have come a long way. We have worked with top brands across the globe.  And this has also given us more advantage than any competition.”

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