All you need to know about Kingpay CEO Only1King


The following narrative is all you need to know about highflying founder of crypto firm Kingpay King Godswill Nwaeze, who is popularly known as Only1King
In a global village where the great majority of people easily  give up on pursuing their ambitions and aspirations, a little kudos should be given to people who battle on until they break the glass ceilings and achieve their lifelong ambitions. It must surely be because of these folks that author Israelmore Ayovor said,  “winners were not born winners; they learnt and practiced how to win and they have it! Everyone who gives a great testimony about his/her life begins with a beginning that was “inadequate” until something happened… and a breakthrough became evident!”
One of the leading cryptocurrency companies in Nigeria Kiingpay Nigeria Ltd, is steadily gaining limelight as blockchain trading drives the global financial market. Founded by King Godswill Nwaeze, who is fondly known as Only1King, is steadily climbing the ladder as other competitors in Nigeria.
Although born in Abia State, Only1King is a native of Ihitteuboma Local Government Area of Imo State, South-east Nigeria. He was born into a family of eight, consisting of his parents and six siblings, of which he is the second of three boys and three girls.
Modern trend, in no way, underrates the importance of education, but technology has provided rare opportunities to young people like Only1King who did not have the privilege of tertiary education, to realise their dream of impacting the world.
“You can call me Jack of all trades. I trade the financial market such as crypto and forex etc, real estate and agriculture to mention a few for now. I’ve always wanted to advance the globe financially because that’s the reason I became a crypto expert and financial coach. Someone like me because I think out of the box, I build more of tech projects so I have no limits because I can be heard and patronized globally without any local restrictions”, Only1King said in an interview.
Continuing, , he said, “I chose trading crypto because it gives financial freedom without age limits. In the crypto space one has the hope of becoming a millionaire over night and also losing your worth in minutes. So I also advise you have a good coach like me or offer our crypto premium courses to make you standout among the losers”.
Almost every Nigerian youth would test positive to the ‘Japa’ syndrome sweeping across the country. They are not to blame, as their socio-economic needs for years, have not been met by the political class who, in every election circle, promise to build for them castles in the air. The double-digit inflation has crippled the economy, and many start-ups really never got going because of several challenges in the country.
King Godswill Nwaeze however seems to be free of the mindset many of his contemporaries have about chasing their dreams in far away greener pastures.
“There’s no way running out of the country when you don’t have legacy plan. I’m a Nigerian and I will count myself successful because I’ve been able to sail through the economy. I want to build up here first before expanding to any country I want. Therefore I know what I want and I believe we will achieve it all”, avowed
The headway he has made in the harsh economic environment has literally transformed him into a warrior, a fighter who never quits. Speaking on the highs and lows of his journey as an investor, he recounted his worst experience in which his best friend defrauded him of all his crypto asset worth $100,000.
He said: “The challenges i encountered were many but i didn’t give up. No one believed that i was making sense then but today, the crypto market is taking over. One of the challenges to expect is liquidation, getting broke but not for too long and success.
“The most touching story of my life was when my best friend stole my crypto assets”, added  Only1King.

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