All you need to know about the grass to grace story of The Shawn Exchange


The following narrative is the remarkable and true story of how The Shawn Exchange continues to blossom as unequivocally one of the most reliable, trusted and dependable bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platforms in Nigeria.
It comes as no surprise that The Shawn Exchange was validated in November 2022 by Densa Awards, which are presented annually to recognize and celebrate excellence among professionals and outstanding personalities in the country’s business circle.
Started by its CEO  Ajayi Oluwadamilare Michael, The Shawn Exchange has grown to become one of the leading firm n Nigeria’s digital exchange market, all thanks  to the ingenuity of its CEO, as well as the cutting edge day-to-day operations of the company, which doles out giveaways, amazing rates offers on blockchain tradings, and introducing Nigerians to the unknown benefits of cryptocurrency.
Out of the several other platforms fighting for control of the market share, The Shawn Exchange continues to stand tall, combining professionalism and the doggedness of its visioner who had to struggle through the difficulties of life to become the managing director of Nigeria’s number one cryptocurrency trading platform.
The trajectory of Ajayi Michael can be summarised as sheer resilience, determination and perseverance to succeed. He is an example that hard work pays; going from his humble background, hustling in the streets of Lagos, Nigeria, selling garri and loaves of bread, to owning a conglomerate.
In the process, he cut his teeth in business and aside running the country’s most reckoned digital platform, he has also built thriving online brands in auto sales, real estate and home gadgets respectively named as Shawn Autos, Shawn Real Estates, Shawn Gadgets and Shawn Footies.
“With the experience, I had tasted the good, the bad and the ugly side of hustling to break even. So I knew it is important that entrepreneurs protect the interest of their customers”, he said in an interview referencing his days of little beginning.
One of the major advantages The Shawn Exchange holds over its competitors is the confidence it has built in customers for real time credit alert and protection of their investment, in a sector that cryptocurrency theft happens on a frequent basis.
“In this business, integrity matters, and it is the key to industry success. That is what has been propelling The Shawn Exchange, and that is what we will continue to uphold. People believe in us as legit and reliable, and that is why we are the leading digital vendor around.
“Trust is an important part of running a business and good customer relationship is what builds trust. I can confidently say we have one of the best vendor-customer relationships that would make a first-time customer a returning customer. You get the best responses from our well-trained staff along with fast and reliable payment and all these happen within very few minutes.
“As I have noted in a previous interview, without our customers The Shawn Exchange wouldn’t be here. Some of these customers tried us out once and subsequently referred friends and family to us too.
“That was one of the factors behind the extraordinary growth of The Shawn Exchange. The giveaway was just a way of giving back to the community that made us. it was our way of appreciating them.
“People believe in us as legit and reliable, and that is why we are the leading digital vendor around”,  said Ajayi Oluwadamilare Michael.
The Shawn Exchange tightens every loose noose, against hackers and scammers prowling the space in bid to take advantage of any lose gap and steal valuables from clients.
According to the CEO of The Shawn Exchange, “In a world of social media where it doesn’t take two minutes to create a fake page, dealing with scammers would be a recurring issue and that’s why we can’t rest or relax on this issue.
“We constantly caution our customers to beware of these scam pages but even that is not enough; currently, we are working on the verification of our social media pages for easy identification by our customers.”

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