All you need to know about Victor Aruwah, the US army veteran tuned entrepreneur


Victor Aruwah, a former member of the United States armed forces-cum entrepreneur, is gaining prominence and attention from all and sundry, since his inroads into the global hospitality business.

Victor Aruwah had an enviable and meritorious career spanning 15 years in the US military before bowing out of service in 2012 at 33 years old. After his retirement, the mechanical engineer, a profession he holds a masters degree in, joined the United States Directorate of Public Works Installation Management Command Unit, Engineering Division based in Germany.

While in the US army, he served as the Chemical Operations Specialist and as an Advisor to the Commander in Chemical Defense and Operations, with a mission of overseeing the chemical operation in very sensitive geographic regions around the world.

Victor Aruwah played key roles in successfully moving US army personnel and equipment to new locations across the world and, turned over property and facilities worth millions of dollars without any records of corruption or indiscipline.

He was also known for his sporting talent as a boxer in the army. He received a crown as the U.S forces Europe Boxing Champion in 2004 and 8th United States Army Heavy Weight Boxing Champion in 2008 in South Korea, respectively.

Victor Aruwah was awarded the prestigious honor of The Civilian Service Achievement Medal for his outstanding contributions to the US Army Public Works Engineering Division in Germany.

For exceptional service as an engineer, Directorate of Public Works, United States Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz from February 2017 to June 2021. Mr. Aruwah distinguished himself as a fervent advocate for the well-being of his colleagues and well a role model of customer service and teamwork. During his tenure, he completed the Engineering Intern Program, learned new skills from each of the divisions, and implemented them as project manager,” the citation for the award read.

“His leadership, enthusiasm, knowledge, and true commitment to excellence were not only vital to project success, but they also significantly improved the overall quality of our engineering Division and fostering our organization’s positive image.

“Mr. Aruwah’s achievements, dedication, and exemplary performance are in keeping with the highest tradition of Government Service and reflect great credit upon himself, United States Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz and the Department of the Army.”

However, the regimented mindset in military training camps on personnel did not have any hold on Victor Aruwah, who though a US citizen, was born to Nigerian parents. It is uncommon to find veterans delving into a service-driven endeavour after their careers. A good number still hangs around in public office or serve in foreign missions in non-combat capacities.

This stands out Victor Aruwah, who while in service, journeyed round the world and was exposed to the best of hospitality, thus inspiring his passion to establish a 32-room bouquet hotel, Hotel Kurvilla in Nanstein Landstuhlhotel, Germany, which he has managed for the past five years.

Explaining what inspiring behind his decision to go into the hospitality business, Victor Aruwah stated that, “I have travelled to different cities around the world and I have been very lucky to enjoy some of the best hospitality across the world in terms of accommodation, food, and other travelling experience. Hence my desire to replicate the same experience and offer a world-class hospitality experience for work or leisure.”


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