Bronny James emulates his father LeBron with a heart-stopping dunk

Lebron James legacy in the NBA basketball world continues to transcend generations, and his son Bonny James is ready to take that legacy to the next level.

In a recent video that has gone viral on social media, Bronny was captured emulating his father’s spectacular dunk during a game, leaving all onlookers in awe. Clearly, the athletic talent and basketball skills have been passed down to the next generation.

Images of Bronny performing the same iconic play as his father have generated excitement among basketball and Lakers fans. This unique moment not only highlights Bronny’s skills on the court, but also underscores the lasting impact LeBron has had on the sport.

While Bronny continues to impress with his ability on the court, he also faces a period of uncertainty in his career. With the 2024 NBA Draft approaching, speculation about his professional future is on the rise.

Despite a challenging season with the USC Trojans, Bronny is determined to put his college experience behind him and make the jump to professional basketball.

According to NBA insider Evan Sidery, Bronny has declined workout opportunities with eight of the 10 teams that contacted him. The two he has accepted are from the Los Angeles Lakers — LeBron’s current team — and the Phoenix Suns, backed by ambitious owner Mat Ishbia and desperate to make a summer splash.

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