Car Tracker Nigeria Automotive and Telematics Company Ltd best for cars security—Abegunde AbiodunMichael

Car Tracker Nigeria Automotive and Telematics Company Ltd, has introduced a mobile application aimed at fully combating car theft and promoting safety on the roads across Nigeria and Africa.

In a growing unforgiving world where criminality is taking new dimensions, including car theft, Car Tracker Nigeria Automotive and Telematics Company Ltd, which is a step ahead of the game, founded by Abegunde Abiodun Michael, is driven by the mission to provide a safe haven for individual car owners and fleet management.

Relating with reality, traditional policing has failed to keep up with the growth of car theft in many major cities in Africa, which in most cases at the end of the day, leaves the owners as sucking victims. However, the indigenous telematics company has formed a collaborative ring with the relevant authorities to develop a range of effective tools that will make the environment and roads safe for all car owners in Africa.

The mobile app, known as “Car Tracker Nigeria Mobile”, is stemming the tide of rampant car theft in Africa’s largest population and taking the solution to other countries facing such widespread social problem. The company’s revolutionary idea is driven by its vision deployed via cutting-edge technology, to help car owners protect their assets.

Abegunde Michael said the discovery by Car Tracker Nigeria Automotive and Telematics Company Ltd provides overabundance of radical features which puts the car owner in absolute control of their automobile.

According to him, “it contains the Scheduled Shutdown, which empowers vehicle owners to remotely turn off their vehicles at pre-set times. This engenders efficient fuel consumption in the current dispensation of fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria, and eco-friendly practices, reducing emission in Africa’s economy still dominated by cars powered by petrol.

“One of the unique features is the Anti-Jammer Mode. This security tool gives car owners the leverage to prevent unauthorized attempts. It detects and neutralizes signal jammers commonly used by professional car thieves. Also, the Analytics Dashboard has been created by Car Tracker Nigeria Mobile, to give car owners real-time window into the usage pattern of their vehicle and driving behaviour. Among others, this does not only promote the security of the car, but owners can make conscious decisions about their automobile”.

According to the boss of Car Tracker Nigeria Automotive and Telematics Company Ltd, the mobile app offers over 20 alert notifications, for all-encompassing safety module for users. It covers scenarios such as geofence breaches, ignition alerts, low battery warnings, and speed limit violations.

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