Car Tracker Nigeria tackles car theft to enhance road safety across Africa

Car Tracker Nigeria Automotive and Telematics Company Ltd

In a bold move to address rising car theft and improve road safety, Car Tracker Nigeria Automotive and Telematics Company Ltd has introduced a revolutionary mobile application.

The company, founded by Abegunde Abiodun Michael, aims to offer comprehensive security solutions for individual car owners and fleet managers across Nigeria and the wider African continent.

The innovative “Car Tracker Nigeria Mobile” app is designed to tackle the persistent issue of car theft in Nigeria, the continent’s most populous nation, and extends its capabilities to other regions facing similar challenges. With advanced technology at its core, the app provides robust security features and asset protection, setting a new standard in vehicle safety.

One of the app’s pioneering features is the Scheduled Shutdown, which allows vehicle owners to remotely disable their cars at pre-set times. This function not only enhances security but also promotes fuel efficiency and eco-friendly practices, particularly crucial in the wake of Nigeria’s recent removal of fuel subsidies.

A standout security measure within the app is the Anti-Jammer Mode, which detects and neutralizes unauthorized attempts to use signal jammers, a common tactic among professional car thieves.

Additionally, the app’s Analytics Dashboard offers real-time insights into vehicle usage and driving behavior, empowering owners to make informed decisions about their cars.

Car Tracker Nigeria has also formed strategic collaborations with law enforcement to ensure the effectiveness of its tools. This partnership has resulted in a suite of innovative solutions designed to safeguard vehicles and enhance road safety.

The app boasts over 20 alert notifications, covering scenarios such as geofence breaches, ignition alerts, low battery warnings, and speed limit violations.

These features collectively create a comprehensive safety module for users, reinforcing Car Tracker Nigeria’s commitment to protecting vehicles and promoting safer driving environments.

As Car Tracker Nigeria Automotive and Telematics Company Ltd continues to innovate, it ensures that car owners across Africa have access to cutting-edge tools that not only protect their vehicles but also contribute to safer roads.

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