Comedian Patrick Onyeke bags three honourary awards in America

Comedian Patrick Onyeke also known as Mr PatrickTv is enjoying one of his best moments.


The seasoned Nigerian comedian and actor, who has distinguished himself with his unique brand of comedy series, and garnered a large following over the years, over the weekend received three awards from the United States Government.

Mr Patrick Onyeke

The first was a certificate of congressional recognition from the 18th district of the State of Texas the second special recognition from the legendary City of Houston, the 3rd from the state of Texas for entrepreneurial excellence award.

Expressing his excitement over the honours, Mr PatrickTv took to his official social media page to share some take home lessons for all in the entertainment industry.

He wrote: “Awards and recognitions are meant to say “thank you. Job well done. We see you.”

Having received more than a few awards myself, in my lifetime, I know the feeling of fulfillment that getting one can bring.

But these ones right here, creates an even deeper feeling of Joy, gratitude and a strong sense of achievement.

I have two reasons for sharing this moment of personal joy with you.

The first is to show you guys but all of our dreams are valid and that no man can stop whatever God decides would be.

I’m sure you remember how at this time last year, a coalition of people who did not mean well for me had come together and vowed that I will be deported from the same country, spreading unbelievable lies about me. Well, here we are today. The country has said “well done Patrick. Enjoy your stay, forever” .

Mr PatrickTv added, “Never let anyone threaten you into believing that your dreams cannot be.

The second reason I share this is just to say thank you. None of it would have happened without you. Mr. Patrick has the most supporting fans in the world.

Yes, I say that with confidence and this win is not for me. It’s for you on my behalf. Thank you very much. May God continue to bless all of you and keep supporting the brand. I will not let you down.

From the stage to the kitchen. Celebrity fish loading.”

Mr Patrick Onyeke, the comedian per Excellence started his career as a stand-up comedian over a decade ago and, since then, has appeared in so many popular stand-up comedy shows in Nigeria, including Nite of a Thousand Laughs, Africa Kings of Comedy, Ay Live, and Basket Mouth Uncensored.

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