Daddy Jiggy: A name to watch in the Afro-pop jazz scene

Daddy Jiggy: King of Afro-pop jazz

Meet Ayobami Charles Akinjero, known in the music world as Daddy Jiggy, a talented artist hailing from Oyo State, Nigeria.

With a rich background in technology and a deep passion for music, Daddy Jiggy is a name to watch in the Afro-pop jazz scene.

Daddy Jiggy’s journey began at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics & Electronics.

However, his true calling lay in the melodies and rhythms that have since become his signature.

In pursuit of his musical dreams, Daddy Jiggy co-founded Paradise Studios alongside two business partners. “We wanted to create a platform not only for my music but also to help other artists who have been overlooked by the mainstream industry,” he explains. Paradise Studios has become a haven for nurturing talent and bringing fresh sounds to the world.

Currently, Daddy Jiggy is riding the wave of success with his latest album, African Royalty. He is preparing for a world tour to promote this project, which promises to captivate audiences globally.

His performance résumé is impressive. He emerged as the top performer in Ondo State at the Benson & Hedges Grab The Mic Concerts and has graced stages at the Star Trek and Coca-Cola Campus Shows.

Each venue has its charm, but Daddy Jiggy cherishes every performance as an opportunity to connect with his fans.

Looking ahead, Daddy Jiggy remains humble and guided by his faith. “I always put my next steps into the hands of God. Everything I have achieved in my music career has been through the grace that God has given me,” he says. With his sights set on new horizons, he continues to let the Holy Spirit lead his journey.

When asked about his personal life, Daddy Jiggy prefers to keep those details private, hinting that the public may learn more in the future.

His music is a unique blend he calls “Afro-Pop Jazz.” This genre is a testament to his creativity and technical prowess. “My sound is a mixture of live performances of acoustic and electric instruments and modern African electronic music,” he describes.

His compositions feature a rich tapestry of instruments, including congas, talking drums, udu, and various jazz guitars, reflecting the African music that has always inspired him.
Daddy Jiggy’s artistry is not just about music; it’s a cultural expression, a blend of tradition and innovation.

As he continues to evolve and share his music with the world, Daddy Jiggy stands as a beacon of creativity and perseverance in the music industry.

Keep an ear out for African Royalty and the world tour that promises to bring Daddy Jiggy’s vibrant sound to a global audience.

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