Edouard Equity LLC strengthens position in New York real estate

Continuous rise of Edouard Equity LLC

Thony Edouard, the high-flying Chief Executive of Edouard Equity LLC has come a long way, from an upstart to a business mogul with interests in property and entertainment.

Starting from a humble beginning as a loan officer in the early 1990s, he capitalised on his experience in the real estate sector and founded his firm 10 years later.

Edouard Equity LLC, focusing exclusively on the New York property market, was a profitable business until the Covid-19 pandemic wipeout of the global economy which brought a setback to the real estate company.

Thony Edouard, however, did not allow that to deter him. He exploited the opportunities that came with the Covid-19 devastations by founding an entertainment streaming service, The Plug Network which in no time became a viable business.

After Covid-19, he revamped his Edouard Equity LLC by commencing a development program that focus on “knocking down” homes and rebuilding from scratch. Setting a goal of rebuilding 15 houses per year, the company was able to achieve the halfway mark with the successful completion of eight homes in the first years.

“Hopefully, next year we will surpass the 15 houses per year mark,” Thony Edouard said in a recent chat with TMY News

The Haitian who avowed that his business philosophy has not changed―“Do my best to bring the most honest and positive results while I get compensated,” he said―declared that his businesses are on sound footing presently.

He said: “Edouard Equity LLC is pursuing different customer programs on home buying. Aside from easing the home buying process for our customers, we have ramped up activities in our other branches such as the credit repair branch that helps client rebuilds their credits and the short-sale department that negotiates with banks on foreclosed homes.”

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