Entertainment industry needs more support from govt, says Stanley Edirin

Leading Nigerian comedian Stanley Isokoh Edirin, has solicited for more support to be extended by the government to those in the entertainment sector.

Fondly called Hon. Zaddy, Stanley Isokoh Edirin, a veteran Nollywood actor, content creator and filmmaker, has been making comedy contents for many years now and his visibility in the landscape is ominous.

Stanley Edirin is the man behind comedy series on SoKohtv, a platform reputed for funny videos on issues that revolve around politics and social issues in Nigeria. An English Language graduate, Edirin has distinguished himself through the years in Africa’s biggest movie industry with special interest in comedy series and movies.

Stanley Isokoh Edirin, who is also called ‘Power to the people’, recently weaved a comic relief around the mind-boggling gaffe by Nigeria’s senate president, Godswill Akpabio, who let it uncommonly slipped out of his mouth that a “token” had been sent to the accounts of his colleagues as transport fare, as they proceeded on recess.

Speaking in an interview, Stanley Isokoh Edirin, said those in the entertainment sector have not received their fair share of accolades and support from the government and organised private sector.

He said, “more needs to be done for those of us on this side of the ladder because of the enormous work we put in to ensure that Nigerians are entertained. Truth be told, entertainers are not getting what it genuinely due to them and it is high time that a better deal was worked out”.

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