Female artists face more difficult challenges – Shady Blue

My music is very unique - Shady Blue

A United Kingdom-based Afrocentric soul singer, Folashade Aboderin, aka Shady Blue, has lamented some of the difficulties female artists face in the industry.


The singer made this known at her live show and album launch which was held in Ikeja, Lagos, last week.


The event, which was tagged, ‘Shady Blue Live in Lagos’, featured the ‘Ginger Bread Band’, as well as performances from artists such as Ema Onigah, Gwen, and Eniggy.


“Being in the music industry as a woman is very difficult, except one is willing to let go of dignity and do certain things. It is the same everywhere in the world though, and I am not afraid to say it. No label or sponsor has ever done anything for me. I want to be able to mentor the young artists and guide them. I don’t know where this whole journey is going take me to. It might end up putting me in positions where can help struggling female artists. If God provides for me to be able to do it, I want to be an ambassador to the female and some male artists,” she told Said.


Shady Blue also insisted that her style of music is unique, and she has no plans to change it to gain widespread acceptance.


The mother of two said, “My music is very unique, it’s not as commercial as the music that’s coming out these days. I am not thinking to change my style for acceptance. I wouldn’t do that. I’d infuse in some of the current sounds but my musical roots is jazz. Whatever I do will always have the jazz background. Jazz is not popular anywhere in the world. It just for a group of small people. People that just want to be happy all the time to escape from the reality of things. ”

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