Four dead ,16 injured in  building collapse in Majorca

Four people have died and 16 are injured after a two-storey building collapsed on the Spanish island of Majorca, local emergency services say.

Several people are believed to be trapped at the site of the Medusa Beach Club, a beachside restaurant on Cartago Street in the regional capital Palma de Majorca.

The incident reportedly happened at about 20:30 local time (19:30 BST) on Thursday night. There are fears that a number of people maybe trapped in the wreckage.

Emergency services told local media that they were finalising rescue operations and securing the area shortly after midnight local time.

Officials added that psychology experts would be brought to the scene to aid those traumatised by the incident.

The floor of the establishment collapsed on Thursday evening, causing people to fall into the basement below, where there were also customers and staff.

One firefighter described the scene as “nightmarish” to local newspaper Ultima Hora. He added that when his team arrived people were crying and screaming as they stood around rubble piled on the floor.


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