Honorable Exkid: My road to success in business fraught with difficulties

CEO of Grace Nation group of companies, Onuora Chibueze Paul, who is popularly referred to as  Honourable Exkid has said that his attainment of success in business came with gigantic difficulties.


Onuora Chibueze Paul said life has taught him invaluable lessons which came in torrents of rollercoaster experiences in daily endeavours.


Reputed as an accomplished entrepreneur and investor,  Honourable Exkid, a young, enterprising and resourceful tradesman founded Grace Nation Building Materials upon graduating from the polytechnic in Anambra, where he hails from.Despite not having a formal knowledge of how to manage a business, he took the challenge heads on by learning the ropes as the owner.


“I started my entrepreneurship journey in 2017, after my national diploma. In the beginning, I ventured into so many businesses, but gradually I narrowed down to the ones that best suit my and capability”,said Onuora Chibueze Paul.


Continuing, Onuora Chibueze Paul said,  “Initially, I thought owning a business was something you’d just do relaxingly, but I got to know that business involves competition, whereby you have to make effort to propel yourself and your business ahead of others; not only that, your fate is determined by customers and you must try hard to please them”.


After successfully building his first business into a vibrant company, Honourable Exkid launched the Grace Nation Entertainment, an idea driven with the intent of giving talented Nigerians aspiring for career in the entertainment industry a veritable auspices for top-level achievements.


The grand idea by the CEO of Grace Nation Entertainment was to position the establishment as a talent hunt, as most popular labels do not have such patience.


“As an entrepreneur, I am able to run these two businesses that are unrelated by because the business strategies and objectives of each company are different and in no way affect the other”, Honourable Exkid said..


He further said l that one of the valuable lessons experiences have taught him is to avoid individuals who do not share his vision.


“The other big lessons I have learnt is that if you want to be successful, you have to ignore negative people around your business. Learn to pursue your business with passion and zeal and also trade with people that have the same vision as you,”Honourable Exkid said



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