How fearless Darvey Ugochukwu keeps scaling new heights

From releasing his debut single, ‘Down for you’, three years ago, Nigerian media entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TMS Group, Ugochukwu Darvey Chinonse, simply known as Darvey Ugochukwu, is opening a new chapter in Nollywood, by undertaking arguably the biggest project of his acting career.

Despite the uncertainties that awaits in the Nigerian entertainment industry, Darvey Ugochukwu has continued to forge on regardless, strengthened by passion. He admitted that “It’s never easy,”, the hurdles have rather formed the fortitude that has kept him going.

Operating in the shadows, Darvey Ugochukwu confirmed, “I’m still showing in the movie and music industry”. When asked about future project, he hinted at an exciting prospect: “Yes, a Netflix series.” He is an established businessman but this will break new grounds for him in Nollywood.

To Darvey Ugochukwu, obstacles are stairscases to the mountain top. Expressing that his foray in the industry is borne out of mere passion, his indomitable spirit has been a valuable asset in holding forth–and now about to bring him face-to-face with another feather in his cap, with the unprecedented project for Netflix.

In business, Darvey Ugochukwu is a trailblazer, building a conglomerate that cuts across varying sectors, from TMS Media to TMS Fashion brand, Edgefusion Labs and technology. He is a reference point for perseverance, in the face of immence challenges that come to test one’s resolve and determination.

Darvey Ugochukwu disclosed that the secret to his successes and scaling heights as a media entrepreneur and businessman is networking. “Build a strong network,” he said when sharing a powerful piece of advice. He has built TMS Group into an empire though networking.

Through networking, Darvey Ugochukwu has been able to scale his business through opens doors to new opportunities, collaborations, partnerships, and even investment. He has built new connections and discovered potential clients. Also an investor in real estate, he has investment in Nigeria, Dubai and Turkey. The entertainer has a soft spot for fast and luxurious cars m, which gives him some form of gratification.

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