How I manage comedy with marriage – Stanley Isokoh Edirin


Striking the right balance between career and family has often proven to be tough challenge for many individuals. Many have sacrificed one for the other, on the altar of ambition and choosing which they perceive is more rewarding. But Stanley Isokoh Edirin, fondly known as Honourable Zaddy in his comedy series on Sokohtv, is an all-round accomplisher with a successful family life.


Stanley Isokoh Edirin has been a major stakeholder in the Nigerian movie industry for decades. The actor, who is from the South-south geo-political zone, is renowned for his comedy roles in movies. In 2016, he featured in ‘Three Wise Men’, alongside Richard Mofe-Damijo, Zach Orji and late  Victor Olaotan in the comic movie.


Hon Zaddy is uniquely redefining comedy in a manner that has never been seen before. He keeps thousands of comedy fans waiting and salivating every Sunday for the release of a new series on Sokohtv. Through the platform, he dishes out contents on political and social issues that are of immense interests to the people. The channel boasts of 153,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 530,000 followers on TikTok.


Apart from bringing light-hearted moments to critical national topics, Stanley Isokoh Edirin plays the role of the main character with relative ease and skill, proving why he is a veteran. The English Language graduate and creator of the foremost funiest comedy videos in the country is married to a foreigner.


The spouse of Stanley Isokoh Edirin is from Burkina Faso. Honourable Zaddy, who is a popular casting director, content and filmmaker, as well as scriptwriter, in some cases is on set forweeks, far away from home and drawn from his family. He acknowledged that it is the nature of his job but he reveals he always finds a way to make up to his wife.


“It’s a matter of understanding planning and sincerity. Sometimes, I could be away filming for a month and my wife understands that. Being a good manager, she can carry on effectively but communication and making up for lost time make everyone happy”, Honourable Zaddy stated in an interview.


Speaking on the best part of marriage, Stanley Isokoh Edirin highlighted support, companionship and ultimately, availability of good food.


“The best part of my marriage has been my personal growth and knowing that I have a soldier at my back. I’m more frugal with spending unlike when I was single. Also, having someone to plan and plot with, a shoulder to rest on, and a listening ear gives the best feeling! First, it gives you a sense of responsibility and that you have someone solidly behind you to always share your dreams and aspirations and eat good meals.”


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