How I started ‘Thenara bag’ – Adams Rashidat Naomi

One of the uncommon yet admirable and resolute characteristic of human beings, is the conviction to start something from ground up, the motive of which may differ each step of the way may. However, the driving force is usually the same. It was not different with Adams Rashidat Amofuomo, also known as Adams Rashidat Naomi, a leading woman, who is conquering in her career as a media guru and entrepreneur.

Back in her undergraduate days, necessity laid it on Adams Rashidat Naomi to start a business on campus in Ogun State, despite the unsavoury academic conditions she was exposed to. However, courage and determination pushed her through simultaneously learning and trading, enduring the rigours of patrolling expanse of departments and faculties, to market her wares.

While she conditioned herself to the hardness of studying for her first degree, Adams Rashidat Naomi was a mastermind in business in her immediate environment. Her sharp-wittedness was in full mode on campus. She displayed strong mentality and started a business idea, which through diligence, was rebranded after leaving school, to suit the fashionable taste of her customers who now cut across classes of customers.

Despite the pressure of doing well academically and getting good grades, the university came across to her as a perfect place to begin her journey as an entrepreneur. With her touch of gold, Adams Rashidat Naomi started the business in school with four bags at the cost of N4,000. She grew the business to selling as many as 38 bags.

When the human nature kicked in, owing to the burden of schooling and doing business, she gave in the fight but never lost sight of the bigger picture. Aside being an established businesswoman, Adams Rashidat Naomi is currently a big fish in the media, cutting her own space as a professional presenter and media strategist.

“I’m Adams Rashidat Naomi . I’m a presenter, media strategist and an entrepreneurial. I recently just rebranded my sole business Thenara_bags, this is a business I started many years ago with just 4bags for 4000 naira and sold up to 38 bags during my University days in Ogun State. It wasn’t so easy to study and also do business back then, so I had to stop after a year on the business.  I made a lot of profit from the business and that is the main reason why I decided to rebrand and start all over again”, she said while recalling her foray into business in a recent interview.

In defiance of what she has done so far, the exceptionally resourceful Adams Rashidat Naomi said she is light years behind in achieving her goals. She revealed that her guiding principle is no height is too high to attain, as long as focus is in place.

“I believe in smart work and consistency , we are all constantly learning and getting better and I believe few years from now, I will definitely achieve my set goals as long as I put my mind to it. I think anyone can become anything they want in life regardless on the economic condition of the country.

It’s never too late to pick up a pencil and start learning,”  said Adams Rashidat Naomi.

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