How Ijenwa Fertility is putting smiles on couple’s faces


Ijenwa Fertility, a certified trado-medical company in Nigeria, founded by Ijeoma Muoma, has continued to make milestone contributions to the reduction ratio of barren women in the country.

Infertility remains one of the major challenges women grapple with after marriage, and majority of them are not aware of the problem until after consummation fail to result in pregnancy. They say the joy of motherhood comes in moments, but the absence of such brings nothing but hard and frustrating times.

Without denial, it is something only God can do but one of his gifted hands is Ijeoma Muoma through Ijenwa Fertility. Divinely bestowed and tutored by her grandmother, her yearning as a child to become a pharmacist and passion to cater to people, has led her to become a renowned fertility doctor.

“Having always wanted to be a pharmacist from childhood, growing up I saw my grandmother attending to women looking for children and also taking delivery in the native way. That got my interest and each time we go to the village, I always stay by her helping. When I became much older, then I lost my grandmother to death, I started having repeated dreams of an old woman showing me herbs and roots in my dreams and what to do with them. It was at this point; I channeled my dreams into becoming a herbal doctor. I have always wanted to be a health worker from birth.  A pharmacist precisely, but nature had other plans for me”, explained the founder of Ijeoma Fertility.

Having been in operation for 15 years, experienced Ijenwa Fertility has helped women who have been confronted with years of difficulty with conception, become mothers. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who is a graduate of the University of Nigeria (UNN), Nsukka, in Enugu State; a member of Integrative Medicine Nigeria and member of Lagos Trado-Medical body, narrated the fulfillment that comes with helping couples achieve their dreams of becoming parents after years of delay and failed medical procedures.

“I was excited, scared at the same time but I had the confidence because I was created for this,” she said about the first time she helped a desperate woman get pregnant with trado-medical care. “As a fertility herbal doctor, when a couple achieves pregnancy through your treatment, there is this unexplainable joy in  your heart. When they deliver the child, I can stay the whole day without food because of happiness”, she said.

The Ijenwa Fertility CEO revealed that her patients include celebrities who prefer to keep their profile secret. The first child in a family of five, advised aspiring trado-medical practitioners to ensure they acquire adequate training for standard practice.

“My advice to anyone entering the health sector in 2024, is get equipped with enough knowledge, go for training and seminars”, Ijeoma Muoma said.

However, she bemoaned the challenges faced by her and colleagues in the industry, some of which she mentioned to be influx of counterfeit materials, unfriendly government policies, falling value of the naira, etc.

“Substandard materials, lack of manpower, no government support, crazy policies, no electricity. So many. Dollar rate has affected my business, because I use a combination of both foreign and local herbs in our drug production and treatment.  Most of the machines we use for treatment and drug production are produced outside Nigeria,” she lamented.

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