How my mother inspired me to become entrepreneur―Instagram show host Ojubabe

In the wake of her recent disclosure of her plans to become a full-time entrepreneur, the host of the Shoot Your Shot Singles (SYSS) show,  Ojuolape Adeorike Ashimolowo has credited her mother as the inspiration behind her action.
Ashimolowo, popularly known as Ojubabe said:
“My mother runs a successful spa business in Abuja, she was doing all this while having a 9-5 on the side, and thus breaking the narrative that “you can’t be an entrepreneur and have a corporate job”.”
She further told her followers on the show:  “Without a shadow of a doubt, I look up to my mum as my business role model; she is a businesswoman and has been an entrepreneur for over 11 years, everything I know about business is because of her.”
Her announcement of a new business venture was coming almost one year after debuting her Instagram live relationship show, Shoot Your Shot Singles with Ojubabe.
Ojubabe who studied and worked in America also offered some advice to young Nigerians who wanted to migrate in their quest for greener pastures.
According to her: “Before leaving your country,  you need to first figure out why you want to leave; that purpose will help to dive direction to what you will do where you are migrating to.”
She further advised intending migrants to conduct enough research about their chosen destination.
“Many fail to do their research even as little as knowing the weather of where they are travelling to or the laws that govern their way of life. everything matters.”
Ojubabe, who until recent years worked as Delta Airline staff further warned that there are no freebies anywhere.
“Nothing will ever be handed to you on a platter of gold. You have to work hard, sometimes harder than you ever did if you want to be successful legitimately,” she stated.
Show host Ojubabe explains why she is going into hair business
Many of the followers of the host of Shoot Your Shots Singles, Ojuolape Adeorike Ashimolowo aka Ojubabe, who have been wondering why she wanted to go into the hair business got an answer from her in the latest edition of her live Instagram show where she declared, “the business stemmed from my passion for hair and the problem it posed for Afrocentric women.”
Ojubabe also answered sundry questions during the show which she usually hosts on Saturdays at 8 pm, West Africa Time.
On two things she would do to change the world for the better if it is within her power to do so, she said: “I would change the policies that govern our way of life. Most of these policies are put in place to favour rich and greedy leaders; next, I would handpick virtuous leaders who are corruption-free and selfless to oversee these policies, ultimately making the world a better place.”
She further shared her thoughts on feminism, saying: “The original concept has been ruined by the modern-day feminist. The idea of feminism originally was centred on equal opportunities for women and not being gender-biased which makes sense because, at the very baseline, we are all humans and can do anything we set our minds on. There are certain rules in some countries even till today where women are not allowed to hold certain positions and I think that’s what the “feminist movement” is about.”
Ojubabe noted that feminism these days have been distorted to a point where women don’t feel the need to respect their partners because they make more money.
“This was never the intention of the feminist movement,” she told viewers of her show.

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