How youth empowerment can address economic hardship, by Ujomu Ikechukwu

CEO of LuckyBay Homes, Ujomu Lucky Ikechukwu, has called for the empowerment of Nigerian youths, as a catalyst for reducing poverty and curbing crime in the country.

He is one of the players in the property development sector in the country, with the vision of providing affordable luxurious housing to the people. The company was borne out of the yearning to reduce the housing deficit in Nigeria; a social problem Ujomu Lucky Ikechukwu and other competitors are determined to address head-on.

He started from a humble beginning, so much so that all he acquired as his academic qualification was the National Certificate of Education (NCE). However, he was dogged about becoming a success story. Born into a family 12 as the fifth child, it was easy for him to relate with life on the street.

The 47-year-old, who hails from Ibusa in Oshimili Local Government Area of Delta State, began his career in the real estate industry as a broker in 2009. However, he founded LuckyBay Homes four years after. The first major project it embarked upon was developing two five-bedroom duplexes at Lekki Palm City Estate around Ajah, Lagos—which launched it into significant success. The real estate firm currently has business offices in Abuja and Lagos, with the vision to expand to other major states in the country.

Recounting the years of struggles, Ujomu Lucky Ikechukwu, who is a philanthropist and youth advocate, explained the helplessness of many Nigerian youths.

“I know and I have seen practical examples that when youths are empowered, they can take care of their families and increase the country’s GDP, and in the long run, poverty will reduce drastically in Nigeria.

“Growing from a very poor family, I know how difficult life is on the street, and what people are going through to survive. So, I think it is important that lifelines should be extended to our youths”, the CEO of LuckyBay Homes said.

The father of two, who married from Edo State, said despite the economic conundrum that the country has found itself, the rest estate sector, which continues to contribute immensely to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), remains the most viable investment opportunity, as the sector is being driven by demand.

“Right now, real estate in Nigeria is the surest investment that guarantees 100% profit returns every year. In boom or bust, real estate is a viable sector. We have seen the steady expansion of the Nigerian property market over the years with more people getting employed in the sector,” Ujomu Lucky Ikechukwu said.

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