I almost became a university dropout – MC Casino

The gains of success can be deceiving at times, but are nothing compared to the cost of failure. The dividing line is, that point comes in the life of everyone, when a critical decision of eternal importance would beckon.


That of one of Nigeria’s popular comedian, Lawrence Osarenkhoe, fondly known as MC Casino, came in his final year at the University of Benin (UNIBEN), Edo State. The grossly talented actor, stand up comedian, model, skit maker and professional master of ceremony is innately endowed with the gift of making people laugh.


Lawrence Osarenkhoe expertly combined his academic pursuits with earning comfortable living through comedy. He referenced how his talent and creativity made him self-sustaining as an undergraduate, before graduating in 2011, although his mother had reservations about the path he had chosen–a position which

almost manifested in his academics.


“At the beginning, she (my mother) was not happy with it, as with many parents who wanted their children to become doctors, pharmacist, lawyers or engineers. I brought her to stage to see for herself, how far I have gone in the entertainment world, hosting one of the biggest comedy concerts this year. It was rated one of the biggest shows in Nigeria”, said Lawrence Osarenkhoe.


Though she wasn’t happy about my line of thought, thinking comedy was for unserious people, her advice and persuasion made me serious in life. My mum is caring; a counselor, a prayer warrior and a lover of Children. Today, Lawrence Osarenkhoe has made a name for himself due to hard work”.


Having become a household name as a social media comedian in the country, one other aspect of his plethora of talents Lawrence Osarenkhoe has harvested well is hosting of high-class events. His ability to communicate well and at the same time, make guests relax with his rib-cracking jokes while anchoring has found a special place with the Nigerian elites, who often prefer him to anyone else.  MC Casino revealed at the occasion how he almost dropped out of school, due to the rigours of final year project.


“I was not intelligent with book but was very smart in life. I was not intelligent but I was a smart guy. So when I got to my final year in 2011, people were very eager to know who their project supervisor would be. I said ‘father Lord, don’t give me a bad project supervisor.’ I don’t really care about school that much because I was already making money with the microphone,” MC Casino said in a video he posted to his Instagram handle in July 2023.


“I said I need a project supervisor, good or bad. So they gave me Dr. Mrs Odiku. Project became difficult, I said I didn’t plan for this. So I went to her office and I said ‘I want to see you. I told her that I do not want to graduate with my set. This project is really stressing me’. In the history of the Univeraity of Benin, no student has ever applied for a spill over. I was the first student.


“To voluntarily give yourself to school and say please add one extra year. She was surprised and said ‘are you serious?’ I said yes. It was when she saw that I was serious, then she sat me down and started encouraging me. She started boosting my morale, encouraging me. To God be the glory, I graduated with my mates.”

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