Isah Mukailu: High-flying general contractor

High-flying general contractor, Isah Mukailu, the director of Yamin Halal Investment has made the assertion that having business role models matters in forging a successful business career.
Popularly known as Misab, Mukaiku in a recent interview with TMY news mentioned Nigeria’s Forbes-rated billionaire and founder of Globacom, Mike Adenuga as his role model.
According to him: “Mike Adenuga is my number one business role model, not just because he has one of the biggest telecom networks, but because he is very hardworking and is the epitome of the phenom known in business circle as the “brain boss.”
Misab, the son of entrepreneur parents, graduated from the University of Abuja, after completing his primary and secondary education in Lokoja, respectively at Unity Primary School and Abdul Salam Memorial Secondary School.
Though a big stakeholder in real estate and the music industry (as a songwriter and music creator), Misab has a reputation as an astute and rising business phenomenon, especially in the Abuja-Lokoja axis.
Reacting to questions about Nigeria’s challenging business environment, he advised aspiring entrepreneurs not to let negative stories discourage them.
Said he: “Patience, prayer and integrity in addition to your business know-how will make any enterprise thrive in the country. No country in the world has a stress-free business environment. After all, foreign companies are still rushing into this country to set up business enterprises. Anybody that is determined will weather the storm.”
Sharing his experience on how businesses can survive the challenges of the Nigerian environment, Misab articulated: “Put God first, be truthful, never rest till you achieve something, and always be ahead of everyone. Being selfless helps your business and also helps you to create a legacy. More importantly, never underestimate the power of relationships in business.”

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