JJ Gonami sparkles for Ghana at African Revolution Tour

Senegal has definitely never seen such an explosive performance in their recent history until Ghanaian musician Jacob Gonami Kordzo Agbenuvor, fondly known as JJ Gonami stormed the West African state for the African Music Revolution Tour at Dakar in Senegal.


The live music concert, graced by patrons of the continent, was held at the African Renaissance Monument. The event, which held on February 11, 2023, brought together some of the best artistes in Africa, with the likes of Jacob Gonami Kordzo Agbenuvor, Iba One, Mohammed VJ, Kayawoto, Paco Briz, Ntosh Gazi, Mr. Seed, Ngaaka Blinde, Mist Cash, Emma Cheruto, Rj the Dj, Dj Ylb, Dj Zeyna Senegal, and other African musicians enlivening the atmosphere.


The African Music Revolution Tour is a revolutionary music concept that combines the most talented African artists, iconic venues in several different countries and state-of-the-art technology, which allows fans to enjoy incredible musical performances in real-life or virtually/digitally across multiple platforms, including the metaverse.


The event, headlined by Jacob Gonami Kordzo Agbenuvor and other musicians, was staged by Lorenzo Art Music Entertainment and G3C label. It is a concept that combines the most talented African artistes, iconic venues in several different countries in the continent and the state-of-the-art technology to tell the African story.


Jacob Gonami Kordzo Agbenuvor had ahead of the show, gave the Senegalese people a taste of what was to come during a live interview on live interview on VibeTV/Radio 102.3 FM, where he gave a performance of one of his several singles, “Abi”. He left his co-stars who were also at the studio nodding with approval to the quality of music.


“This is my first time in Senegal, Dakar is beautiful, lovely people, you know I love it. I’m a versatile artiste, I have Afrobeat songs and Afropop. Watch out for me on the stage,” JJ Gonami shortly before his show-stopping performance.


Thousands of fans trooped out to the main event and could not resist the exhilarating performance by Jacob Gonami Kordzo Agbenuvor, who had them on their feet throughout his entire performance which witnessed persistent cheering of undiluted entertainment they got at the musical spectacle.


Before Dakar hosted the first edition of the African music revolution tour, Jacob Gonami Kordzo Agbenuvor ensured he documented his experience, from flying out of Ghana to Senegal, and meeting with Iba One; all of he posted he footage on his YouTube channel.

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