John Ghatti: Ruling Africa’s forex with humanity, bagging awards

Not a few were surprised when John Ghatti was named 2021/2022 Best Forex Trader in Africa. He has been on the rise since 2020 when he won the award of Best Forex Robot Founder.

The South African whose interest in forex started in 2016, has distinguished himself with his zeal, and innovation which has seen him founding the Cobra Cobra 1.0 trading robot.

A multi-millionaire and a social media celebrity, he has been named one of Forbes 30 Under 30s and has earned himself a reputation as an investor and philanthropist who regularly empower young people with forex education and investment to get them started and break the chains of poverty.

For more than five years now, John Ghatti, born Rhulani Nkuna on September 9, 1996, has been the dominant figure in the forex sector in South Africa and the continent at large and has been likened to Elon Musk, the maverick billionaire owner of Space X and Tesla.

Rhulani Nkuna, or John Ghatti as he is better known, is the CEO of Private Wealth Robot, the company that built the world’s first trading robot, Godzilla 4.0 Banker Sniper.

He has been one of the vocal voices clamouring for the empowerment of young people and has been an inspiration to the youth of South Africa through his philanthropic activities which earned him the moniker “the poverty killer.”

His desire to impact the lives of many people and also assist the poor is embodied in his various gestures, such as his recent announcement on Instagram about his forthcoming forex empowerment programme.

Posting on his Instagram page, @john_ghatti__ceo_, he wrote: “Finally Elon Musk of forex wanna empower at least 100 people and show them the secret. I will give the receipt on how I become a multi-millionaire in the forex game in Africa.”

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